Teacher AI-Assistant

Major accomplishments:
Major features were swiftly implemented and introduced to the initial customer base within a limited timeframe
1 month
  • Bubble Developer
  • QA
  • PM
main goal

Create AI-assistant MVP, test it with first user base and make a demo to the investor

About the project

The client commissioned us to develop a one-page web application tailored to meet the unique needs of teachers, aiming to enhance their daily workflow and engagement.

With an emphasis on presenting the app to its first users as quickly as possible, the focus was on rapid prototyping for the MVP solution.

GPT-4 integration
Prompt engineering
Supabase API
Develop bubble.io app based on Figma design
Dynamic syllabus and generated output edit


As a first step, features were carefully revised, and only the most essential and impactful elements were selected for inclusion in the first version to ensure timely delivery for the first user base. Sprint-based delivery schedule has been setup with weekly demo sessions.

Our team has developed a web application that allows teachers to interact with pre-built prompts for individualized content generation. Teachers are able to edit generated outputs using a rich editor and ask the AI-engine to modify the content. The design includes adaptive dropdown navigation fetched from Supabase and export capabilities to DOCX and Google Docs.

[ 01 ]
Authorisation workflow
[ 02 ]
Prompt engineering
[ 03 ]
Supabase integration
[ 04 ]
Export to DOCX and Google Docs
[ 05 ]
OpenAI integration
[ 06 ]
User statistics

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