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Successfully launched responsive decision-making application on time and budget
1,5 months
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main goal

Create interactive decision making application in

About the project

Our team was tasked to develop an engaging web application aimed at enhancing users' decision-making skills. Utilizing the robust capabilities of, our goal was to present a platform rich in resources, offering in-depth knowledge and practical applications of diverse mental models.

Attractive images and clear structure
Wordpress content management
Responsive design
Email notifications


Our team has developed a web application that provides detailed descriptions of various mental models, encompassing their applications, benefits, and real-world examples. Users can explore these models to gain a deeper understanding of diverse decision-making approaches. After engaging with the models, users are given the opportunity to record their decisions on the site, using their newfound knowledge to refine these choices.

The application also features integrated email reminders, prompting users to revisit and assess their decisions. This feature fosters continuous learning and self-improvement, with customizable frequency and timing options to enhance user engagement. Designed for ease of use, the application offers straightforward navigation and a clear structure. Its visually appealing interface, complete with attractive visuals and a consistent color palette, ensures a user-friendly experience.

[ 01 ]
Authorisation with email and Google
[ 02 ]
Wordpress integration
[ 03 ]
Decision journaling and review
[ 04 ]
Mental models overview
[ 05 ]
Decision evaluation
[ 06 ]
Email notifications and reminders

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