Crypto Notifier

Major accomplishments:
Implementing AI-based notification engine that monitors different sources for crypto events
3 months
  • Designer
  • Frontend
  • Backend
  • DevOps
  • QA
  • PM
  • AI developer
main goal

Create an AI-powered notification engine to inform asset holders about relevant crypto events

About the project

In the rapidly-evolving cryptocurrency landscape, significant events such as airdrops and hard forks frequently present opportunities for asset holders to accrue value with minimal effort. However, due to the challenges associated with monitoring these diverse events, many such opportunities remain untapped.

Our client sought to address this gap by incorporating an AI-based notification engine into their platform, enabling users to add their wallets and seamlessly monitor and receive updates on events related to their holdings.

Monitor sources for events
AI-based event classification
Notify users about relevant events
Payment integration and subscription tiers


We developed a comprehensive solution to streamline the tracking process of the crypto events. Through the system, users can easily add their wallets, allowing for automatic extraction of their holdings. Once the assets are fetched, users can subscribe to the specific tokens they want to monitor, and in turn, receive both email and portal notifications tailored to their interests.

By aggregating data from diverse sources and leveraging AI for precise event classification, our solution caters to a multitude of event types. The incorporation of Telegram and Discord APIs broadens communication avenues, while Stripe ensures seamless payment processing.

[ 01 ]
Crypto wallet assets extraction
[ 02 ]
AI classification of events
[ 03 ]
Alchemy integration
[ 04 ]
Event types support
[ 05 ]
Crypto assets subscription and tracking
[ 06 ]
Source management
[ 07 ]
Crypto events email notifications
[ 08 ]
Telegram and Discord API integration
[ 09 ]
Portal notifications
[ 10 ]
Payment integration(Stripe)
[ 11 ]
Events fetch from different sources
[ 12 ]
GPT - 3.5 - Turbo integration

Tech Stack

  • Backend and database
  • Frontend
  • Devops
  • Integrations

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