Online Ticketing Platform

Major accomplishments:
Handle high peak user load during online sales campaign and reduce check-in times while staying compliant with COVID-19 safety guidelines.
3 months
  • Designer
  • Frontend
  • QA
  • DevOps
  • PM
  • Backend
main goal

Streamline sales with all-in-one ticketing and guest management solution

About the project

Our client, a prominent festival organizer in the event industry, aimed to enhance their ticket sales campaigns, providing a seamless payment experience for both online and offline transactions.

The client's specific requirements included the development of a comprehensive ticketing platform featuring a floor plan view and an administrative system for back-office personnel. The project's major challenge was the tight deadline, with only three months allocated for its release.

Design according to the brandbook
Java / React / AWS stack
Responsive store and admin panel
Flutterwave payments
QR-code generation


We've designed and implemented a festival ticket marketplace with cross-selling capabilities, offering festival-goers a variety of ticketing options. Features like floor plan views and table reservations cater to attendees' preferences, enhancing their festival experience. The streamlined checkout process, seamlessly integrated with secure payment methods, guarantees a hassle-free experience for our customers.

In compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, we have implemented QR code generation for all attendees. For event organizers, our platform includes a dedicated back-office portal equipped with detailed order tracking, manual transaction management, and comprehensive stock and reservation oversight.

[ 01 ]
Festival tickets marketplace with cross-sale
[ 02 ]
Floor plan view and table reservations
[ 03 ]
Checkout process with payment integration
[ 04 ]
Notifications and marketing email campaigns
[ 05 ]
Invitation management and guest assignment
[ 06 ]
QR-codes generation
[ 07 ]
Event organizer dashboard
[ 08 ]
User management and access rights
[ 09 ]
Orders tracking and manual transactions
[ 10 ]
Stocks and reservations management

Tech Stack

  • Backend and database
  • Frontend
  • Devops
  • Integrations

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