Route Planning

Major accomplishments:
Achieving route optimization for mobile health practitioners considering traffic constraints and integrating with clinic management software
2 months
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  • QA
  • PM
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main goal

Create a app for optimized travel routes to boost mobile health practitioners' productivity

About the project

Our client approached us with a request to create an MVP application for optimizing the daily routes of mobile health practitioners visiting multiple patient addresses.

The customer's primary focus was to test the core idea, but it was also essential to assess the feasibility of potential expansion and the addition of complexities to the app, given their plan to integrate it with a leading practice management solution.

Develop app based on Figma design
Use route optimisation API (Nextmv, MapBox or similar)
Integrate with health practice management software
Plan for future complexity and constrains in route optimisation


Our team developed MVP version that seamlessly synchronizes user and practitioner data with external health practice management software ensuring that practitioners have the most up-to-date information. The solution was designed to efficiently optimize routes for up to 10 addresses.

During the development process, the team effectively tackled numerous challenges related to optimizing routes through external providers and enhanced the algorithm to yield even more accurate results. The groundwork was established to support future growth and complexity as the client advances toward their integration goal.

[ 01 ]
Practice management software integration and data sync
[ 02 ]
Clinics and practitioners management
[ 03 ]
Locations management
[ 04 ]
Google Geocoding API integration
[ 05 ]
MapBox routes optimisation API integration
[ 06 ]
routes optimisation

Tech Stack

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