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Successfully launched the platform in and on-boarded first company
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main goal

Develop a gamification tool in to unite business functions and promote revenue generating activities

About the project

The client approached us to develop RevRoster, a groundbreaking sales gamification platform designed to align the entire organization with revenue goals and enhance interdepartmental collaboration.

Recognizing the need to break down traditional barriers between sales and other departments, they sought to create a platform that not only elevates sales performance but also involves non-sales employees in the sales process, leveraging their insights and aligning their efforts with the company's broader objectives.

CRM integration
Real-time performance tracking
Feed-like posts
Attractive images and responsive design


We developed RevRoster as a dynamic platform, transforming sales into an exciting, team-oriented game. Emulating the excitement of fantasy sports, it casts sales professionals as players and their non-sales colleagues as team owners, guiding strategy and performance. This design encourages cross-departmental collaboration, with real-time performance tracking and immediate acknowledgment of sales achievements. The strategic choices made within the platform influence the entire organization’s success, creating a synergistic and engaging sales environment.

Integral to RevRoster is its integration with Salesforce for real-time sales data. This feature informs strategic decisions with current metrics, enhancing overall sales effectiveness. The platform also boasts a unique 'Play Calls' feature, encouraging non-sales team members to share departmental insights, thus actively participating in the sales strategy. Coupled with a diverse rewards system, RevRoster not only boosts sales performance but also cultivates a culture of shared goals and achievements across the company.

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Authorisation workflow
[ 02 ]
Team and player performance stats
[ 03 ]
Team communication channels
[ 04 ]
Players trading and fractional draft
[ 05 ]
League setup & scoreboard
[ 06 ]
Dynamic scores evaluation
[ 07 ]
Salesforce integration
[ 08 ]
Reward system

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