Women's Health App

Major accomplishments:
Created fundraising-ready MVP version that has been featured in local news
3 months
  • FlutterFlow & Dart developer
  • QA
  • PM
main goal

Develop a user-friendly mobile application using FlutterFlow to connect women with top-notch healthcare practitioners

About the project

TThe client was seeking a cost-effective solution to launch the MVP version of a healthcare application for women in South Africa. No-code platforms were considered for this purpose, but the client was uncertain about which tool to use: FlutterFlow or Bubble.

The application was designed to be mobile-first, prioritizing an excellent user experience. Scalability and security are crucial, as the app will be handling sensitive medical data at its core.

Smooth application performance
Booking flow for practitioners
Payment integration
Secure backend for medical based information
Scalable solution to enable further features development


Our team initiated a detailed technical analysis, considering various approaches and creating architecture diagrams. We chose FlutterFlow and Firebase Cloud Functions to ensure a smooth and secure user experience, allowing the client to modify the app's look and feel. Our goal was to develop the solution quickly while ensuring that the functionality could scale with additional features.

The application focuses on consultation bookings, featuring calendar components and time slots. Payment integration was implemented with a local payment gateway provider. We also developed a seamless method for creating and managing content resources within the app, ensuring that some functionalities wouldn't require republishing. Finally, we ensured the app was approved on both app stores and provided the necessary explanations and guidance.

[ 01 ]
Firebase and Google functions
[ 02 ]
Smooth content management
[ 03 ]
Practitioners categories and profile
[ 04 ]
Booking workflow
[ 05 ]
Payment integration
[ 06 ]
Post-appointment follow-up
[ 07 ]
Health profile and symptom tracker
[ 08 ]
Stores submission and approval

Tech Stack

  • Core stack
  • Integrations

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