Image Redraw and Trademarking Portal

Major accomplishments:
Successfully launched platform MVP and on-boarded the first client
2 months
  • Designer
  • Bubble developer
  • QA
  • PM
main goal

Develop a dual-function platform in to provide users with a tailored artistic experience and simplify trademarking process

About the project

The client recognized the issue of trademark eligibility for AI-generated images and sought to address it with an innovative solution that enhances these images with human creativity, thereby making them eligible for trademark protection.

The MVP was planned to be developed on Bubble for rapid deployment and to test the functionality with the first major pilot client.

Responsive web portal
Create user-friendly, appealing design
Integrate with a payment provider
Stratforward workflow for artists and trademark lawyers
Scalable solution to enable further features development in Bubble


We developed a comprehensive portal that serves both artists and trademark lawyers, each with tailored workflows to optimize their respective processes. For artists, the platform facilitates the organization of the image redraw process, providing a structured environment for creative enhancement. On the trademark side, it simplifies the application process, making it more efficient for lawyers to manage trademark requests.

The platform integrates Stripe as a payment provider, supporting one-off payments for each service type. To further enhance order fulfillment and streamline the workflow, we introduced a kanban board. This feature allows users to effectively manage the order pipeline, ensuring a smooth progression from image submission to trademark application, all within a single, unified portal.

[ 01 ]
Artist project and revision workflow
[ 02 ]
Trademark application and tracking
[ 03 ]
Kanban boards with team assignments
[ 04 ]
Role-based access control
[ 05 ]
Chat with artist and lawyer
[ 06 ]
Stripe integration
[ 07 ]
Admin view with price management
[ 08 ]
Email notifications (Twilio SendGrid)

Tech Stack

  • Core stack
  • Integrations

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